Welcome to Swell & Dandy, an aethernet journal dedicated to the restoration of civilisation and the cultivation of modern gentlemen.


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Swell & Dandy is a positively ripping guide to the dapper life of a modern Victorian Dandy. From musings on menswear to politics, Swell & Dandy will guide you through your tranformation into a proper gentleman and tasteful aristocrat.

Our Principles

A Guide to Gentlemen
Swell & Dandy was established as part of a grassroots cultural revolution, or rather, counter-revolution.  We believe that by guiding the young men of the world, we can save civilisation by creating an 'army of gentlemen'.  These dapper chaps; men of dignity, charm, sophistication, honour, and class; will then transform the society in which we live from the cultural disaster it is now to the civilised world we once enjoyed.

We publish a variety of articles on a wide array of subjects focusing on lifestyle issues, from gentlemanly conduct to politics to how to dress and so on.  Our guide leaves no stone unturned, in hopes that we will develope a comprehensive handbook on living a proper lifestyle.  It is our ardent desire that every man, regardless of his background, can experience the sophistication, grace, and charm of the well-bred and the aristocracy.

We, like you, struggle with the over-complexity of the modern age.  The world is plagued with crude, common people and crude, common culture.  Technology, while useful and convenient, has its drawbacks and seems to be the root of a sizable portion of our woes.  It is our philosophy, after much research and experimentation, that a return to many of the old Victorian values and ways of life would result in a drastic improvement of modern world conditions.  Not only do we find Victorian life to be practical in reviving society, community, and culture, we also find it to be far more enjoyable, desirable, and aesthetically appealing.

Swell & Dandy is a staunch advocate of monarchic governments.  Monarchy is statistically, philosophically, and morally superior to other forms of government.  Over years of study we have developed this knowledge and when appropriate, we will publish relevent articles pertaining to monarchy.

About the Publisher
Percival Devante, Editor-in-Chief & Writer
A self-proclaimed dandy, modern aristocrat, and patron of Victorianism, Percival took an interest in refinement and savoir vivre at a young age.  Raised in a small village lacking in culture he delved into his interest on his own, developing his taste and studying the arts of style and hospitality and the ways of the aristocracy.  He quickly developed into a blossoming socialite.

Percival founded Swell & Dandy in October of 2009 Anno Domini so that he might share with the modern world the joys found in the simplicity and charm of old-fashioned sophistication and in hopes of starting a counter-revolution against the damaging culture of to-day.  Now at University studying political science, Percival hopes to serve as a bridge between the old and the new and to help his peers to transition into the world of the culturally sublime and well-bred.

"To-day, with our help, anyone, regardless of his background, can become an aristocrat.  All that is required is that one set higher standards for oneself and strive always to improve oneself.  That's where Swell & Dandy can help.  Let us guide you on your journey to greatness."   - Percival Devante
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