14 February 2011

Gone By The Wayside: Letter-Writing

Nothing can express care and feeling like a handwritten letter sent through the mail, but in to-day's world of e-mail, text messaging, and facebook, these are a rarity.  Letter-writing is not difficult, and in fact it can be quite enjoyable.  It requires no electronic devices; nothing more complex than a pen and paper are necessary.  Writing a letter allows one to go into as much or as little detail as one desires about any given situation.  It allows for careful consideration of wording, if one so wishes, so that each sentence is stated just so.  Most importantly, perhaps, it is something tangible that can be cherished for decades and reviewed.

Letters give the impression that the sender cared enough to go through some extra effort for the recipient (even though very little effort is required) and that thought was truly put into the correspondence.  At Swell & Dandy, we encourage our readers to take up letter-writing as a more mainstream form of communicating.  Send a letter home from University to the Mater and Pater.  Arrange to write letters between your friends to keep in touch regularly.  Pen a romantic letter to the lady you fancy; it will certainly make you stand out from the other gentlemen she knows.

Remember when you are writing that while letters to people you know well need not be formal nor follow the rigorous structure expected of formal letters it is important that one use correct English grammar.  Spelling, capitalisation, and punctuation can make a world of difference in your communication.  Your lady-friend will likely be significantly less impressed if you make a fool of yourself by not spelling out simple words like "are" and "you" fully.  Try to work on your penmanship as well.  Legibility is very important, but also remember that going above and beyond, giving grace and flourish to your penmanship, will easily impress the recipient of your correspondence.  Lastly, do not forget that if you receive a letter it is important that you return the correspondence with equal correspondence, viz send a letter for each letter received.  Hastily replying via email, text, or facebook is rude and gives the impression that one does not care enough to put forth equal effort.


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