27 December 2010

Parental Duty

Yesterday the Church celebrated the Feast of the Holy Family, a holy day celebrating Saint Joseph, the Virgin Mary, and the Christ Child as a family unit. In honour of this special day we at Swell & Dandy have set aside this moment to come to a pause in our holiday merriment and to call upon our readers, as parents and future parents, in all seriousness to remember the duties they owe not only their children, but also the whole world community.

It is safe to assume that our regular readers agree with most of our philosophies here at Swell & Dandy. For those of our readers who do fall into that category, it follows, then, that you wish to help restore society to the glory of the past: etiquette and deportment, culture and fashion. That is, of course, your motive for reading Swell & Dandy, is it not? One wonders, however, how many of our readers have considered what is to come when they have left this world and their posterity are left behind? Have they raised their children to understand and appreciate the old fashioned values they espouse, the values their parents more likely than not left up to them to discover on their own?

The world has fallen into the unfortunate condition it is in to-day primarily as a result of poor parenting. Fathers never taught their children how to polish their shoes and mothers never taught their daughters how to sew, but it goes further than that. Common courtesy, manners, etiquette, religion, and more; the values that have kept mankind alive and civilised for centuries; have been swept under the carpet. They have been forgotten; overlooked. The few people who retain these values often had to discover them (and the skills and mannerisms associated with them) on their own and without any aid or direction from their parents.

In recognition of this holy feast day we remind society to raise their children well. We cannot undo the damage that poor parenting has already done. What we can do, however, is revive the traditional values and practices of our grandfathers and great grandfathers and ensure they live on for generations to come by educating our children properly. Remember: teach your children and grandchild both how and why and guide them in living up to appropriate standards.

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