19 December 2010


An important virtue to remember, especially this Christmas season, is the virtue of gratitude. In a society that has forgotten the meaning of Christmas and has come to expect gifts rather than appreciate them, it often comes in handy to have a brief review.

If one has advanced notice, one should try always to prepare a gift of some sort for anyone from whom one will receive a gift. Otherwise, the recipient of a gift should send a handwritten thank you note, either via post or in person. Remember, too, when sending gifts, never to expect anything in return.

Cards, as with all correspondence, should be met with a card of one's own in return. The same goes for letters, emails, phone calls, et cetera. Any letter received merits a letter returned. Correspondence should be returned equally.

Remember that a gentleman receives gracefully. Seem pleasantly surprised, even if it is not a surprise. Seem appreciative, even if the gift is something you already have, do not need, cannot use, or do not like. Remember, it is the thought that counts. The giver spent time, money, and thought on you. Even if you don't fancy the gift, you're not out anything. At least allow the giver the full enjoyment of having given. Have a blessed Christmas holiday!

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