06 September 2010

Dandy Dormitory Décor, part III

For those who enjoyed Dandy Dormitory Décor Parts I & II, we now have a part III. We received word from a reader in response to the first installments of the DDD series and he share with us photographs of his dormitory at university. It is with his consent that we publish them here for your pleasure.

Here we see the room of Mister Aron Spidle in his third year at Crandall University. Mister Spidle had decorated his room for the Christmas holiday in a very cheerful fashion. Along the window we see a multitude of cards. See how he has converted a standing lamp into a Christmas tree using garland and ornaments; excellent space-saving technique. Our favourites are the photographs of Lady Diana overhead and the coat of arms. Nota bene: Mister Spidle has decorated his bookshelf with various curios. This sort of attention to detail is what makes a dormitory room one's home.

Here we can see the Union Jack posted proudly in the corner. Atop the window a cheerful Christmas garland has been placed. The many photographs of royalty and family along the walls reminded us of Andrew Carnegie's study.

At the bottom right we can just make out what appears to be a fine armchair. Looking closely, we find a quality pocket watch hanging over the desk in addition to the desk clock. Wonderful old-fashioned pieces. We are also fond of the paper chain, a brilliant traditional Christmas decoration; easy, fun, and wholesome. Good show, old chap!

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