02 September 2010

Dandy Dormitory Décor, part II

Our regular readers will recall our May article, Dandy Dormitory Décor, in which we examined the Victorian-style university dormitory rooms of 1st year student Monsieur C. T. and 4th year student Mister Joseph Stewart. As the time for students to return to university is upon us again we have been given the opportunity to revisit Monsieur C. T., now a 2nd year student, to see how his rooms have progressed in hopes that they might provide inspiration for new and returning students.

Here we see Monsieur's bed. When not used for sleeping it is used as a sofa for entertaining guests. Note the gold cushions and gilt map above. In the corner one can see an Elgin clock with a pendulum featuring Westminster chimes.

Here is Monsieur's bookcase. Perched on top between the portraits of Nicholas II and George III is the television set, a statue of the blessed virgin, and a brass candlestick. On the third shelf from the top, beneath religious icons, we find a tobacco pipe, monocle, crystal dish, and benedictine crucifix.

On Monsieur's desk we can find an old candlestick phone at the far right next to an ornately carved chest. The desk clock is fashioned from Waterford Crystal. The English and Papal flags can be seen in addition to a photo of Nicholas II and his family.

Atop the dresser Monsieur has arranged a vintage porcelain lamp with two baroque figurines, a crystal decanter, and a crystal candy dish on a small silver tray.

Finally, under the bed we can see an old trunk; a necessity for storage as well as decor. And, naturally, what room would be complete without an antique persian rug?

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