16 August 2010

Gone by the Wayside: Silver

We all know it's still out there, stowed away in cabinets and attics, turning black with tarnish, but it has certainly declined in popularity. As mentioned above, many people are in possession of some rather nice silverware, but allow it to tarnish in the cupboard unused.

While many argue that silver is too expensive to use, we are more inclined to believe that silver has fallen out of use primarily due to laziness. Silver requires maintenance. True, aluminium or stainless steel are cheaper, but the real allure for most people is that it needn't be polished.

Silver has been used for centuries and has graced the tea table of many an aristocrat. You may already have some antique silver tucked away somewhere. Now is a good opportunity to take it out and polish it. Invite friends over for a meal. They will be impressed with your silver. Polishing requires some elbow grease (and silver polish, obviously), but we are certain you will find it well worth your time. If you aren't in possession of the family silver, you can buy it new from silversmiths or alternately you may be able to find some at auctions, estate sales, or resale shops. People are literally throwing it out because they aren't aware of its value or elegance. Look into getting some and once you do be sure to maintain it and use it. You will be surprised at the aristocratic elegance it gives your table the instant you set it out.

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  1. I love silver, personally, and use it whenever I have the excuse. A few weeks ago, for example, I had some of the guys over for a (friendly) poker night. One of the wives came as well. She enjoys iced tea, so I brought out and polished the old silver tea-service...not exactly an orthodox use, but she was impressed and pleased. :)


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