21 July 2010

Repose of Nobility

The noble traits that our ancestors once took for granted are dead. Nobility has been murdered. The culprit? Laziness. The abettor? Contentment. Too often members of modern society are content with climbing out of bed, throwing on their 'comfortable' (often common and tasteless) clothes, and blending in with the rest of the world as they stroll down the easiest possible route.

But it is the easy route, right? What is the cost? Simply put, the laziness and contentment of society has caused it to throw out all of its principles because it is too lazy to uphold them. The result of this is a disconnected, cruel, careless, and sloppy world devoid of culture. Society has thrown out religion, community, family, quality, formality, and culture. We allow manners and formalities to be thrown out and we allow ourselves to be influenced by pop culture.

There is a remedy to this problem, but it is the individual who must stomach the medicine. By settling for the mediocrity of modern living the individual is making a fool of himself. Each person should strive always to be at his best at the risk of being lowlier than the worm. You can help amend this social disease by taking action yourself and changing your own lifestyle. Try harder than your neighbour and don't worry if it seems like your efforts are undervalued. Remember that society is diseased. This illness impares its ability to value the cure. But mark my words, your efforts will not go unnoticed in the long run. You will be a better person and real society will see this.

This is where Swell & Dandy comes in. We are here to guide your transformation. We have the remedy. Modern society may have killed the nobility of our ancestors, but we will revive it in our generation. It is our duty to save civilisation. Conscious efforts to behave as truly civilised beings is not asking much.


  1. Culture has such an influence! I highly dislike what is happening to the world now. However, I am, in my very small way, trying to turn away from these things.

    Awesome Article!

    In Persona Christe

  2. I am glad you enjoyed the article, Madam. Small though the individual may be, society is made up of individuals. Your efforts, however seemingly small, will certainly make a difference. We must press on and gather a following. I hope you will stay tuned. You can certainly expect more on this topic. Cheers!



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