12 March 2010

Vah! Denuone Latine loquebar?

...Me ineptum. Interdum modo elabitur.

Looking for more ways to improve your social standing? God forbid one should be mistaken for a bourgeois, or worse: a common proletarian. Nothing can give you the appearance of fine breeding and over-education than knowledge of Latin.

Most people neglect to learn Latin because "it is a dead language" or "it isn't applicable today". Well you aren't most people, are you? Of course you aren't. If you were, you wouldn't be reading this article or frequenting this aethernet journal. One of the best things about Latin is that it is applicable today. It is useful for learning foreign languages and even picking up new words in your own language. You'd be surprised how many words are rooted in Latin. It is also helpful in law, politics, medicine, and science. It's also a good tool for Catholics to have under their belts. Most importantly, Latin can be mixed in with everyday English. Nothing shuts up an arrogant opponent like throwing in the occasional ergo, ipso facto, or cum grano salis.

Knowing Latin says to the world, "I'm brighter than the rest, and I know things that others don't just because I can!" Latin, like French, is a language of the elite. It was used for centuries by gentry, philosophers, and diplomats. I cannot express enough just how much esteem you can earn for yourself by learning what other people deem pointless. So enroll in the class at school, pick up a copy of Latin For Dummies, or sign up for a course at your local community college. It really isn't that difficult.

Start by looking up your family motto. Chances are it will be in Latin. Good, well-bred families have mottos, but more importantly they use them. If your family doesn't have a motto, make one up (in Latin, obvious). Supplement your family motto with a Latin personal motto. It should be something that reflects your personality, standards, and morals. Find ways to use these mottos and be prepared to translate them and explain the significance to those too unfortunate to understand Latin.

Pick up a book of useful Latin phrases and incorporate them into your daily conversations. If you can say it in Latin, you should. And if you do decide to take a formal course in Latin, be sure to tell people that you are reading Latin, not studying Latin or learning Latin (e.g. I'm reading Latin at Oxford). Remember, people may be quick to say that Latin is a worthless language today, but they are the same people who will exhault you as a genius when you rattle off in Latin.

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