01 March 2010

Counter-Culture: The Death of Humanity

Society today has been ripped at the seams by several small groups of socially awkward teenagers attempting to make a statement. There is no escaping it, nor any use sugar-coating it. I myself am a young person, so before anyway says, "You're just another grouchy old man complaining about the younger generation," bear in mind that I am from the younger generation. Simply put, counter-culture has wrought havoc on society, brought an end to humanity, and utterly murdered the concept of community.

Counter-culture became an issue with the rejection of 1950s social norms by the youth of the 1960s. Yes, readers, some of you may have even participated in the wretched revolution. Strange to be reprimanded by someone far younger than you, isn't it? As society began to increasingly place the influence on the individual, the concept of institutions and community began to decline. We aren't suggesting blind conformity, but individualism has gone too far. This is a result of a society of dash selfishness and heathen pretentiousness which firmly believes that the individual is more important than the whole. This belief is erroneous and immoral.

We have come to a point today where these counter-cultures have become laughable. What are they rebelling against? Institutions? What institutions? They have destroyed them. Corporatism? They are only feeding corporatism. Look at the shops; they are loaded with hideous counter-culture clothing and novelties. Obviously someone is buying that rubbish. The truth is that these 'social rebels' don't know why they are part of the counter-culture. They simply do it for the sake of doing it.

After decades of various forms of damaging counter-culture we are left without a mainstream culture. What, then, are these people speaking out against? It seems like everyone today is trying to make a statement, but who can hear it when everyone is making statements all at once? It has gotten to the point that it is no longer different to be different. For those who truly wish to go against the grain and stand out, this is my advice: Conform; no one else is.

Counter-culture has died. It has faded away and is no more. The sad truth of the matter is that because counter-culture has driven a stake through the heart of society and its norms, there can be nothing to counter. The goofy clothing and repulsive behaviour of these cultures have not gone, but we can no longer call them counter-cultures. Are they just fashion statements, then? They certainly have no greater message behind them today. Counter-cultures in the past fought against what they believed to be "out-dated" social norms and values. I'd still like to know why something is automatically considered "out-dated" just because it is old. Clearly it has served us well since the beginning of humanity. Why change it now? Just because we can?

In summary, this is my point: if we are to pull ourselves up as a society from the grave we have dug ourselves into then we must pull together. We must throw out these ugly counter-cultures and return to community. We must stop changing just for the sake of changing. We must be willing to give up our own self-interest, our desire to "stand out" and be "independent individuals", at least to some degree, and place this emphasis back on the family, the community, the nation, the institution, the church. We have left these things for dead, bleeding from the wounds inflicted by hipsters, emos, and punks. I promise you, though, that like the infant in the womb of his mother we will not live if we allow our loving mother, community, to die. Throw out the ugly clothes, stop painting your nails black, and come back to the real world. Return to the past for the sake of our future.

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  1. Well said sir.
    Here in the Netherlands we have the same problem, those who oppose 'modern society' and fight what they wrongly call 'progress' call ourselves Neo Traditionalists.


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