16 November 2009

Corporal Punishment: The Necessity of Discipline

One topic that is heavily debated in modern society is the morality of spanking children. As a Neo-Victorian, I'd like to throw in my two cents. The nineteen-sixties saw a wave of widespread liberalism in any and every aspect of life, including the manner in which children are raised. Before I state my stance, I encourage my readers to take a look at the young generation today. Review how they dress and behave in contrast with the way children used to behave.

Now on to my views. Society is declining. Morality is a lost cause and chivalry is dead. Can it be a coincidence that parents are more lenient with their children at the same time? I think many of the problems with modern society, at least in terms of manners, respect, and morality, may have resulted from "politically correct" parenting. Let me get this clear right now: I do not support child abuse, or any form of abuse for that matter, in the slightest. In fact, those who abuse their children should face very severe penalties. At the same time, however, I feel that if children misbehave they should get spankings.

To look at the behaviour of children at recently as the 1950s in contrast with that of the children of today, one will easily discover that children don't behave a fraction as well as did the children of yore. We must understand that children are not born with the concepts of good and evil instilled within them. They must be taught, and the only way to do this is to show them directly the negative consequences that result from their actions. Parents who spank their children loving should then proceed to explain to the children why they are being punished and why it is wrong. With this method of parenting, morals can be properly established in children and we will espouse respect, virtue, and integrity in them.

It is not immoral to spank your children, it is immoral to abuse them. It is more a travesty to raise risque and undisciplined children than to spank them when it is needed. As someone who was spanked as a child, I can say without question that it is one of the most effective parental methods when used properly, and society needs discipline now more than ever.

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