13 October 2009

New Victorian Order

The world we live in today has become desensitised, disconnected, and morally corrupt. Traditional values that have upheld and protected civilisation for centuries, such as religion and family, have been butchered and discarded by a modern society that justifies vulgarity and immorality by arguing that it is "chic", "modern", "popular", and "trendy". Society is declining and will continue to do so until something is done. Our condition worsens with each generation. We see the growth of apathy and the rise of atheism. We see the decline of intelligence, character, and discipline. Society is on the path of self-destruction and who is to blame? We can only place the blame on our own shoulders.

The solution is easy to name but less easy to enact. If society is to survive, if human civilisation is to continue to exist, we as human beings and members of society must return to simpler, classical values. We must renew the timeless values, customs, and beliefs of the Victorians.

Among the problems we face today are sexual disease and perversion, obesity, deterioration of culture, falling apart of families, crumbling of community, decline of intelligence, and the reign of apathy, ignorance, and desensitisation. These things have increased at an alarming rate and are only on the rise. We must act quickly to restore Victorian values to society. It is a slow process and must proceed a step at a time, but surely as more individuals embrace these values the new Victorian movement will spread to their communities and eventually to nations and to the world.

Today society is desensitised by graphic, story-seeking media and yellow journalism. The violent and disturbing nature of our entertainment has warped cinema to the point that a good plot hardly matters. It is more important today for pictures to have more special effects and gore than a good plot and developed, interesting characters. We are constantly bombarded with images and information: internet, television, music, text messaging, and all forms of electronic media. How often do we turn off our electricity and sit in silence to think or ponder? Do we put any real effort into our communication with others? Are our relationships dependant on electronics? Are they mechanical and contrived? Where is the human quality in a text message? Where is the emotion? This desensitisation is the direct cause of a decline in community. People no longer care about other people. We are no longer a society, but rather a group of disconnected individuals living amongst strangers. This is surely the root of all evil in society.

Modern culture is no less than an insult to the intelligence of man. Are we really foolish enough to embrace a culture that glorifies immorality and inhumanity? We worship sinful and insane celebrities and dress like we find our clothing in dumpsters. Women dress as if they should be standing on street-corners and men hardly car how they look. People wear pajamas in public and parade their undergarments about like banners. For the love of all that is sacred, why would anyone deliberately dress in this manner? The "music" of the day can hardly be categorised as music at all. The subject matter usually revolves around murder, sex, theft, rape, or drugs. I myself develop an actual physical illness at the sound of this "music". I get a terrible headache. I feel nauseous and depressed, as if all the happiness is gone from the world, never to return. Does society truly enjoy listening to "music" that extracts the hope from all it reaches, or are they simply following what is "chic" or "trendy"? If we do not return to a more wholesome culture of tradition then our society is doomed to follow the path of hatred, misery, and self destruction until it ultimately faces a horrible, potentially violent, sorrowful demise.

The young generation among us is undisciplined, immoral, and apathetic. I address this issue from among them; I myself am counted a member of this generation. I shudder to imagine a society run by my peers. It is particularly disturbing that we are blind to the errors of our ways. We enjoy the problems we cause society. We do not care enough to save ourselves. This generation is a disease of stupidity and vulgarity. I pray to God we have the sense to change. I pray we will soon realise our errors and have the care enough to do something about it.

If society is to survive, we must come together once more as a community. We must reject the savage pop culture that has been thrust upon us and ignore the attention-seeking, unreliable media. We must restore ancient Christian morals and practice self-discipline. We must raise our children well, with a proper, loving family, in church and disciplined. We must turn off our electronics and our dependence on them in order to establish true and loving relationships with the human beings around us. We must prevent ourselves from being desensitised, and take a step back to enjoy life in all its simplicity. In short, a new Victorian era in ever aspect is the only remedy to the impending doom of human civilisation and order.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Forgive me for being so bold as to comment without any type of formal introduction. I have recently started following your blog and was perusing the older entries, and as I came upon this one I could not help but smile. It is refreshing to come across someone who expresses quite succinctly the plague of our modern times.


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