08 August 2009

~ An Introduction ~

As a devotee to tradition, grace, nobility, and aesthesis; a modern dandy exiled from the Victorian Era; my live has become a quest to obtain the essence of nobility, dandyism, and Victorianism and to preserve said essence in the modern, hectic times in which we currently exist.

I got the idea for this blog the other day when I was sitting in a doctor's office reading an outdated issue of The New Yorker. There was an article on the overstimulation of our, or rather your, modern society. I thought to myself, "Something must be done. But what?" Journalists have always wielded great power and this sparked my idea to use society's dependence on the internet against itself. By embracing the "modern periodical" that is the blog, I am fighting fire with fire, and in my battle for a return of old values, traditions, and simpler times, I will not cushion the blows.

I want to make it perfectly clear right now that I have no intentions of being politically correct. I have a great disdain for those who attempt to tiptoe around other people's feelings, altering their own "offensive" views, to prevent stepping on toes. I will not alter my views. I will not "sugar-coat" my opinions. If you take offense easily, if you are so weak in your convictions that you can not bear to hear opposition, then this blog is not for you. Let me tell you, I have no fear of speaking my mind, and so I shall. Society is going straight to hell and has been on the way there since the death of Queen Victoria. Everything that makes up today's "modern" world is a slur against God.

Therefore, it is entirely without remorse that I have refused to acknowledge "modernism" in any form. We are evolving backwards, it seems. Each generation becomes worse and worse. If we are in this mess now, I fear for the future. If we are to continue existing as a civilise society and culture, we must look back to the high society of two hundred years ago as an example.

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